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Why Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are turning against Instagram’s updates

As Kylie goes, so goes the hordes?

Soon after now–24-year-old influencer and reality TV star Kylie Jenner tweeted that she was over Snapchat in 2018, the app’s stock took a nose dive. So when Jenner criticized Instagram’s recent shift toward video this week—she demanded the company “Make Instagram Instagram again,” and abandon an unpopular shift to be more like TikTok—people paid attention.

This must mean Instagram is changing course, right? Nope—it’s full steam ahead with video, said head of Instagram Adam Mosseri in a much-mocked message deliver via video (naturally).

The rise of the Kardashians and the rise of Instagram are so intertwined that one can scarcely imagine either existing without the other. “When Instagram started, it was people taking pictures of their food and their meals,” said MJ Corey, a self-appointed Kardashianologist who runs the Kardashian Kolloquium Instagram and TikTok accounts, which turn an academic lens on the family. Kim Kardashian, Corey continued, dared to buck the food pics. “She at the time had this image, still does I guess, of reveling in vanity. She’s taking selfies; she’s being mocked for her selfies; she stakes a claim on selfies by publishing a book about selfies. You might have hated her for it, but it was a natural human instinct to want to engage with faces more than food. She stoked this flame across Instagram that ended up making Instagram be what it is.”

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