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Spotify’s King of Sleep Music Outstreams Lady Gaga, Somehow

On an average day on Spotify, megastars like Olivia Rodrigo and Drake routinely rack up the biggest stream counts. But in recent weeks, a new name has captured the attention of digital marketers who spend their days scrutinizing the streaming platform: Sleep Fruits Music.

All of Sleep Fruits Music’s tracks are barely more than 30 seconds — lasting just long enough to register as a stream on Spotify and trigger a royalty payout. Many of the hundreds of songs are short recordings of rainfall, while others are soft electronic sound-baths. Sleep Fruits Music did not exist at the start of this year, but last week, the account was generating roughly 10 million streams a day.

Those numbers are on par with streaming statistics for one of the biggest pop stars of the last 15 years: Sleep Fruits Music earned more Spotify streams than Lady Gaga on an average day in recent weeks.

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