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King Laurence Chow


King Laurence Chow is an electronic music producer and hedge fund manager from Vancouver Canada. He is the founder of Queentone, as well as the Owner of Logo Virtual Production based in Vancouver Canada. He was the founder and former co-managing partner of Activist Global LP hedge fund based in United States. In between 2003 to 2008, he co-founded Credit Alliance Corporation Hedge Fund Research Facilities and its affiliate Open Strategy Group, and served as Chief Executive Officer. Credit Alliance Corporation Hedge Fund Research Facilities was a multi-strategy hedge fund of funds which invest and anaylze more than 3000+ hedge funds at the time, and the fund’s operation including its affiliates were permanently shut down after the end of the “Global Credit Crisis”.

Prior to Queentone, King Laurence Chow served as the senior member and advisor to numerous investment banks and financial institutions in US and Asia, as well as serving several state-owned enterprises from China, most recently he was the Managing Director to China SiFang Group of Companies. While working in US and Asia, King Laurence Chow also worked closely with many movie producers and movie production studios in Hollywood as a hobbyist photographer, cinematographer, and executive producer.

Some of King Laurence Chow’s most recent album and song releases include Continued Love, Arab Hype, and Kiddie Laurence.

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